JOOI stands for Junior Optimist Octagon International and it is sponsored by the NAO club. JOOI is a service-learning club comprised up of high school age who attend various high schools within the Austin and surrounding area. 

The JOOI motto is "Kids Helping Kids."  JOOI is an all inclusive youth organization that embraces the positive values of optimism, respect for self and others, and independence of mind through the unlimited opportunities of community service and sponsorship of Optimist International. 

 JOOI MEETINGS - Once a month

JOOI BOARD will consist of the children in the club. They will fill the positions below

             JOOIColor"Kids Helping Kids"



President - 

Vice President - 

Secretary - 

Treasurer - 

Sgt.-at-Arms - 

Board Members:

6th Grade Class Rep-

7th Grade Class Rep-

8th Grade Class Rep-

Freshman Class Rep -

Sophomore Class Rep -

Junior Class Rep - 

Senior Class Rep - 

Adult Advisers
Donna Russell- Chair
Darlene McGinty



  • Honor my parents and those to whom wisdom has come through years of experience,
  • Respect the beliefs of others,
  • Prize friendship and keep its sacred truth,
  • Seek intellectual growth physical development and avoid abuse of mind and body,
  • Be diligent and give each task the priority it merits,
  • Strive to be courteous at all times and truthful with everyone I meet,
  • Practice thrift and put material matters in proper perspective,
  • Respect all living things and help maintain the balance of life,
  • Work to preserve our form of government and the freedom it guarantees,
  • I will value independence of mind and develop self-reliance, setting high goals in life and dedicating myself to the service of others. 





MEMBERSHIP - Interested in joining?

Do you have questions about JOOI or would you like to attend our next meeting to see what we're all about?  Please contact one of the Advisers above, or call 451-8355 for more information.  This is a great way to complete your community service for high school and/or college requirements. 

Why Join?  (informative brochure)

JOOI Membership Application



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